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Crises Freelancing — How To Survive & Thrive In Crisis

Are you a freelancer wondering how to navigate this Coronavirus crisis?

Are you a new freelancer (or expect to become one) because your company is downsizing in this crisis?

Are you wondering if you can continue to survive as the world shuts down?

If you are at all concerned about your freelancing path, this free webinar is for you. In it, we'll walk through what you need to do today and tomorrow to regroup in the midst of the storm, and how to effectively move forward as you navigate the unexpected challenges heading our way.

In my book, Path of the Freelancer: An Actionable Guide To Flourishing In Freelancing, I explore eight achievements you need to accomplish in order to survive and thrive as a freelancer.

In this 30-minute webinar, I will extract these strategies and tactics to help you focus on the things that matter for this situation. Here are several of the questions we'll be answering.

- Should you freelancer right now?

- What decisions do I need to make now, so I can focus on acting while minimizing distractions?

- How do I go into a wise form of survival mode to give myself the best posture for success?

- How do I navigate my financial situation so I can be best equipped to move forward?

- How do I, as a freelancer, leverage this opportunity to build a phenomenal freelancing long-term career?

Join me (Jason Scott Montoya) for this webinar, and we'll explore these questions and more.

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