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Boland The Middle

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The everyday and the impossible continue side by side, as the adventure begun in Boland The Beginning flows into the pages of Boland The Middle.

The portal to Boland is closed. Loki and Blaise have disappeared. The village of Port Elwood is trying to get back to normal. And Frost, Vera, and Dal, are doing their best to get back to Boland, and to believe that the place and its people have survived.

But one attempt after another fails. Frost can’t even mind-talk with Boland. Their worry about what Loki and Blaise did to their friends in Boland grows and grows.

To make matters worse, the friends make a horrible discovery about Loki and Blaise. A discovery that makes them even more determined to find a way to open the portal.

Then buried treasure is accidentally found in Port Elwood. It’s part of a treasure hunt left by two brothers back in 1926. A treasure hunt with poems for clues. And one of the poems seems to have a hint in it about the portal to Boland!

Will they find a way to open the portal to Boland? If they do, what will they find when they get there? Find out, in Boland The Middle. Suggested for readers aged 10 and up.
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