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The Stargazer is a custom portrait that combines a silhouette of your love with a watercolor nebula portrait created by The Boy Artist (when he was around six years old). It's a bit of the idea that we are all made of stardust and we all live under the same sky that constantly moves and changes as we constantly move and change.

That things are never the same and yet they are.

A Stargazer is an excellent choice when the photographs you have aren't great quality, because all I need is a silhouette. The finished pieces looks fantastic on paper, canvas, acrylic, metal, or glass, and some versions work well with wood prints.

Once you order, I'll ask you for reference photos and a description of your love's personality. If there are particular colors that are meaningful to you, I'll include those (I can't make promises about which colors are included where, because I'm not the artist who created the nebula paintings).

In the end, you'll have an original artwork you can print as you wish for personal use. And I hope you'll feel a little more connected.

You will get a PDF (26MB) file