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The Valkyrie's Rule

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How can she rule when all she holds true is betrayed?

As the new Jarl, Brenna’s leadership has been tested as she tries to unite the people of Birca with its newest residents - the army of the fallen Sigurd the Black. But enemies both within and beyond her borders want vengeance for the warlord’s death.

Vali returns from his task of negotiating trade agreements in the East to find himself replaced as Brenna’s confidante and supporter as she rules over her Jarldom. Vali does not trust Ivar, and cannot understand why Brenna does.

With war looming, Brenna discovers a secret that has been kept from her all her life. But is one lie enough to undo all her truths? The prophecy bestowed on her by the gods takes on a whole new meaning - one that could threaten everyone and everything she loves.

The Valkyrie's Rule is the second instalment of the Valkyrie of Birca series. A gripping Viking saga full of bloodthirsty battles and heartstopping romance.

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