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What the Ravens Sing Signed Paperback

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Paperback edition of What the Ravens Sing, Book 4 of The London Charismatics. Includes a signed, personalized bookplate sticker.

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An arcane horror emerges from battle and blood. To stop it, Lily must risk becoming everything she fears.

In a Europe devastated by four years of war, a platoon of elite Italian soldiers is horrifically and mysteriously slaughtered. Strangford's occult ability can uncover the truth behind the massacre, but a violent fate stalks him from the trenches. Only Lily stands a chance of changing its course.

To save the man she loves, she must gather allies splintered by war, grief and betrayal, following the whisper of a gothic horror through ice-dimmed caverns and an ancient forest haunted by something worse than wolves.

Far more than Strangford's life hangs in the balance. The future itself is threatened by monsters born from the bloodsoaked work of Lily's worst enemy. To stop them, she confront the darkest potential of a power that could tear her apart—and everything may depend upon who is left to pull her back together again.

Order What the Ravens Sing now and prepare to fall into the shattering conclusion of The London Charismatics.