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Integrated Periodization in Sports Training & Athletic Development

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Combining Training Methodology, Sports Psychology, and Nutrition to Optimize Performance

Integrated Periodization in Sports Training & Athletic Development considers the large problem of training specialists working in isolation and builds a case for integrated periodization as conceived by Tudor Bompa. The book begins by defining periodization as a specific theory and methodology, historically detailing how the term was formally derived, differentiating it from the current view of periodization as a Russian concept. Next, the authors clarify some common misconceptions of periodization by integrating evidence-based practice with an emphasis on sports nutrition, psychological preparation, and training methodology. The book explores sport-specific applications of integrated periodization, development of biomotor abilities, and long-term planning. A novel paradigm for viewing adaptation is introduced, moving past homeostasis to include allostasis, and one approach (Maximum Recoverable Volume) that may be used to more effectively manage fatigue is detailed. Finally, the book includes a chapter on tapering strategies to peak athletes for competition using an integrated approach.
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