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The CELTA Survival Guide Ebook

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As a CELTA graduate and author of the blog, CELTA Helper, I wrote this book to help students take the most practical approach to prepare for the CELTA course.

The book is divided into 3 sections:
  • What to Do Before the Course Begins
  • Staying Sane During the Course and Keeping Up With the Work
  • Finding jobs and Navigating Your Way Through English Language Teaching (ELT) After the course
Please note: I am NOT a CELTA tutor! I have over 11 years' experience in ELT and want to share all the practical tips and tricks I have learnt both during the CELTA and beyond.

This book will not:

●     Try to dazzle and confuse you with linguistics jargon

●     It will not debate the various schools of teaching methodology

●     Harp on about why the ‘CELTA way’ is the way to teach the English language

●     Destroy your confidence by making you feel that you know nothing

Instead, this book will:

●     Provide you with purely practical and useful information

●     Share insights and inside tips from a CELTA graduate

●     Target the most strategic areas to focus on to help you get through your course with the least stress possible.

●     Take a positive approach and help you on your journey to achieving your goal of getting a CELTA certificate.

The book is also based on my daily conversations and interactions with CELTA course trainees who contact me both through the CELTA Helper website and on social media. It tries to answer as many possible questions in one go - so dive in if you are thinking about taking the CELTA but are not sure where to start!

With your purchase, you will get two files: 
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You will get the following files:
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