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Ellwood Etudes Vol. 2 for Tenor Saxophone

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"With these etude books, Jeff Ellwood has made a valuable contribution to the jazz education lexicon. Besides having some really great lines, these etudes also have a lot of beautifully developed melodic material. They demonstrate how to develop simple melodies and motifs, which is an essential part of "telling a story" when one is improvising. Highly recommended for players of all levels!" - Rick Margitza

"These etudes are awesome and so much fun to play" - Tony Lakatos

Table of Contents

Alone Together (3 choruses)

How High the Moon (4 choruses)

Lady Bird (8 choruses)

My Shining Hour (5 choruses)

Rhythm Changes (6 choruses)

Out of Nowhere (4 choruses)

St. Thomas (10 choruses)

Sweet Georgia Brown (6 choruses)


Example #2

Example #3

I wanted to write an etude book for some time. I was asked by students about my approach to playing and I thought this would be the best way to demonstrate.

All of these extractions from real solo improvisations. They aren't exactly transcriptions because I would add, subtract or alter some lines/phrases from time to time.

I wanted to write extended etudes that would focus of some developmental solo ideas like melody, space and longer lines.
You will get a PDF (2MB) file

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