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A Sailboat In The Moonlight - with discretionary tip - for Live lesson 22nd June 2022

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These are the worksheets for Matt's live YouTube workshop on the 22nd June at 3:30pm GMT. We'll be taking a detailed look at the Circle of 5ths and I'll show you how it's an incredibly useful resource that will help you understand song construction, work out how to play by ear, transpose to different keys and more. We'll use the lovely jazz tune A Sailboat In The Moonlight - Billie Holiday.

These worksheets include everything you'll need to take part including Circle of 5ths, song sheets, theory diagrams, transposition sheets and more.

The live link to the workshop is here:

It can be watched back afterwards as many times as you like.

This option includes a tip for Matt and helps support those that can't afford to pay for the worksheets. Thanks fo your support!
You will get a PDF (20MB) file
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