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The Ultimate Immunity Boost - Lifestyle & Nutrition Hacks For Super Immunity

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"The Ultimate Immunity Boost - Lifestyle and Nutrition Hacks For Super Immunity," is a comprehensive guide to boosting your immune system and staying healthy.

This ebook will show you how the immune system works and will offer you the lifestyle and nutrition hacks that can help optimize its function. Whether you're looking to prevent illness, recover from an illness, or just want to maintain good health, this ebook has got you covered.

You will find inside a full meal plan for 3 weeks, a detailed shopping list for each week, a list with meal plan ideas, a whole comprehensive step-by-step plan of how to boost your immunity, knowledge in the field of immunity and immune-boosting foods, tips and tricks on how to improve the function of your immune system and so much more!

In addition, I included many mucus cleaning recipes, home remedies for headache, home remedies for sore throat and home remedies for dry cough.

The meal plans at the end have healthy recipes that will help to support your immunity and make you stronger and healthier. You can follow the meal plans strictly or make combinations according to your mood and time for cooking.

Sending you love and health. ♡

You will get a PDF (36MB) file