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Bedtime Worry Journal

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Are you dreaming of calm, easy bedtimes?
Asking for reassurance, cuddles and one more story can be signs that your child starts worrying when it's time to go to sleep. This journal is a gentle way to help your child express their worries, relax and get ready for sleeping. 

In this printable you'll find a specially-developed visualisation exercise your child can use to help them feel calm, plus a specially-designed bedtime journal page that can be printed out as many times as needed. Suitable for ages 6+, the journal involves as much or as little writing and drawing as your child is comfortable with. 

Writing about our worries helps us feel calmer because it moves the worry out of our brains and onto paper. When our brains feel calm, we can sleep well. 

I'm the author of a best-selling series of children's mental health books, including Don't Worry, Be Happy and You're a Star. I've created this journal as a way to help children and parents connect and build emotional skills. 

Paperback journal coming soon!
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