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Gmail essentials for small business owners

Master your inbox & become a Gmail ninja!

Learn how to boost efficiency, become more organised, and streamline your email communication when using the free version of Gmail.

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Do you feel panicky when you log into your Gmail, and find yourself drowning in a sea of emails?

Do you 'lose' emails all the time? You know they’re there somewhere but just can’t find them?

Do you find yourself in an ongoing battle with guilt as going through your emails eats into family time?

Do you know that you have to do something about your inbox as it’s just not working for you but you feel overwhelmed by all the different settings and features?

I hear you!

I know the challenges you face as a busy small business owner, because I am one!

I understand that feeling of dread in the pit of your stomach as you log into your Gmail wondering just how many more unread messages there'll be.

I even used to have my own Gmail open all day to try & deal with emails as soon as they came in 😮 (that was not the answer!)

Meet Sharon

✨Google Ninja✨

Hi, I'm Sharon

An experienced VA, YouTube content creator, and Google Ninja.

I help small business owners like you maximise their free Google workspace.

As a self-employed VA since 2010, I understand the everyday challenges that you face as a small business owner… so I want to show you that you can have a simple, yet efficient system in place using the free version of Google!

I want this course to be your Gmail go-to resource. My bite-sized videos will help you gain the knowledge and skills needed to conquer your email overwhelm and feel confident every step of the way, regardless of how well you know Gmail.

In this course you will see that YOU CAN have an inbox that fits on the 1 page, that YOU CAN set up simple systems to deal with emails as they come in, and that YOU CAN take back control of your inbox so you go back to spending your evenings doing what you want to do, not what you have to do!

Are you with me?

What you will learn during this course...

✅ How changing the default settings will save you time in your small business.

✅ How to set up different email signatures and choose which to use.

✅ How to be more organised using Labels when it comes to your inbox.

✅ How to set up an auto responder to help you manage email overwhelm.

✅ The different ways to send emails (yes there is more than 1 way!)

✅ How to set up email templates to save you heaps of time.

✅ How to use the advanced Search feature to boost your productivity.

✅ How Gmail works with Tasks and Google Calendar to help improve your working day.

✅ Keyboard shortcuts to save you even more time.

I want to help YOU...

'Googlify' your business one free app at a time 🤓

Yes I'm gonna show you all this using the FREE version of Gmail!

This self-paced course consists of manageable modules, broken down into bite sized, fully captioned video lessons. This means you can pick & choose what you want to learn, and implement it straightaway.

I show you how to use Gmail in its simplest form, helping you get to grips with the basics.

I show you that Gmail really doesn’t need to be complicated.

I show you how to quickly set up simple processes to help with your productivity and overall efficiency without all the confusing jargon.

All for just €99 - how does that sound?

Happy Gmailers!


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5 stars plus!

I thought I knew enough of Gmail to get by in my business but now I know that I was missing out on so much!

I had my inbox and a couple of folders but the whole thing felt clunky to use and I felt "old" when I went into the settings as I didn't know how to make it suit me.

This course has transformed how I work on gmail, Templates everyone!

I am so overjoyed at the "simple things" that Sharon teaches that are life transforming for me and my business. I am a firm believer of simplicity and this course is just that!

Sharon takes you step by step through the haze and simplifies the jargon, she cuts through layers of tech and she leaves me feeling confident that I can maximise my productivity on gmail. 

Anna Healy

Mentor, Coach and Trainer

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While I’ve been using Gmail for a long time, I knew I was self-taught and therefore missing many vital time-saving aspects of the features, especially the newer features and tricks.

Even having worked with the Google collection of apps for a long time, I knew a course like this would provide me with easy-to-follow videos to get to the crux of the missing pieces.

The course has expertly bridged the gap in my knowledge of the Gmail application. I particularly loved the way the videos were on-task, short, easy to follow and Sharon’s voice is so soothing.

The course is logically set out and easy to search for specific content and lessons. It has been a super cost-effective solution to my lacking.

I hope Sharon creates more courses like this for the other Google apps.

Elaine Rogers

The Smart OBM

Course curriculum

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Yes I want to take back control of my Inbox!

Introductory Price

What's included:

✅ Instant access to all 15 modules
✅ Fully captioned bitesized video lessons
✅ Downloadable resources
✅ Unlimited lifetime access

Just Imagine


⭐ Feeling relaxed when you log into your Gmail, instead of that panicky overwhelm you’ve been feeling lately

Not feeling pressured to reply to emails as soon as they come in, because you’ve set up an appropriate autoresponder

⭐ Your inbox being less cluttered, instead of pages of emails all over the place!

⭐ Feeling confident enough to use Gmail alongside other Google apps such as Tasks, Calendar and Keep.