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Soham Yoga–The Yoga of the Self: An In-Depth Guide to Effective Meditation

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A complete guide in the theory and practice of meditation on the mantra “Soham.” 

Why Soham Yoga Meditation?

Meditation is the process of centering our awareness in the principle of pure consciousness which is our essential being. In this way we will never lose sight of our real identity.

Normally we lose awareness of our true Self through consciousness of external objects. Since we are habituated-if not actually addicted-to objective consciousness, we can use that very condition to our advantage. Rather than disperse our consciousness through objects that draw us outward, away from the source of our being, we can take an object that will have the opposite effect, present it to the mind, and reverse our consciousness.

Such an object must have three qualities:

  1. it must be something whose nature it is to turn our awareness inward and draw it into the most subtle depths of our being,
  2. it must be something that can continue to be perceived even in those most subtle areas of our awareness,
  3. it must already be present in our inmost being awaiting our discovery of it. Therefore it must be an object that can both impel and draw us, accompanying our questing consciousness inward, not being transcended when the mind and senses are gone beyond, but revealing itself as the Self.

That object is the mantra Soham. By sitting with closed eyes and letting the mind become easefully absorbed in experiencing the inner mental repetitions of Soham we thereby directly enter into the state of consciousness that is Soham, the state of consciousness that is both Brahman the Absolute and our Self.

“Meditation is the shortest, simplest and most efficient method of Self-realization. Experiencing the oneness between the seeker (the individual sadhaka) and the sought (Satchidananda Brahman) is the essential feature of meditation. Soham sadhana is its most potent method (practice)”. –Swami Swarupananda of Pavas

In Soham Yoga: The Yoga of the Self you will find a full explanation of:

  • What is Yoga?
  • Why Soham Yoga?
  • How to practice Soham Yoga meditation.
  • What great teachers say about this practice, such as Ramana Maharshi, Swami Sivananda, Gajanana Maharaj, Swami Muktananda, Kabir, Sankara, and many others.
  • Pointers for success in meditation
  • The foundations of yoga.
  • Breath and Sound in Meditation

Those who seek to practice meditation will need nothing further than this in-depth guide.

You will get the following files:
  • PDF (10MB)
  • EPUB (2MB)
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