by Chris Newman

A Sim Racing Performance Ebook that features 18 of the world's fastest sim racers giving tips and advice on how to become an alien sim racer. 


You will discover:

How to train/practice like an alien sim racer and knock seconds off of your lap times in days rather than weeks

The driving techniques used and developed by alien sim racers

How to get to the top of international time trials

How to Master the Nordschleife ( Nurburgring ) 

Plus much much more.....


Just some of the sim racers you will receive advice from in this guide include:

USA GT Academy champion Nick McMillen

Austrailian GT Academy champion Josh Muggleton

iRacing Mazda world champion Glenn McGee

18x world record holder and professional sim racer Josh Martin 

Forza Motorsports RC Champion tx3 laige 

iRacing NPAS champion Michael G Conti

Plus many more world class Sim Racers


Includes a (FREE) Sim Racing video tutorial series from Pro Sim Racer Josh Martin


If you want to stop wasting time trying to gain the necessary skills to reach the highest levels in sim racing then this book is a must.



Inside Sim Racing

GT Planet

The Simpit



L&T Motorsport





You will get a PDF (3MB) file.

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£ 2.00

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