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Two Presets that get RAW files ready for editing!

This is a personal Preset Set I created to apply to new RAW files during import. They add a little bit of dynamic range (and a little ton curve correction), an activate a lens correction profile to get rid of vignettes and distortion (set to auto). They also reduce the sharpness to 0. I like to start with a flat and unsharpened image and increase contrast and sharpness later. There is also a B&W version for those of you who photograph primarily in B&W and don't want to see any color preview before starting editing. 

They do NOT affect white balance and general exposure. These are parameters that need to be corrected manually because there is no correct value for messed up white balance or exposure :) 

The "Starting Point" Presets are subtle and nothing you can't create by your own but they save me a few steps and make my RAW files more pleasing to look at before I start editing them. It should work with every camera model. Hope it will be useful to you! Enjoy!👍


1x SLS - Starting Point
1x SLS - Starting Point B&W

You get xmp and lrtemplate files.


Software Requirements: 
All Lightroom Versions that use the .lrtemplate files for presets (CC 2015 for example)
Lightroom Classic 7.3 and later
Lightroom CC 1.3 and later
Adobe Camera Raw (ACR) 10.3 and later 
The Presets also work with Lightroom Mobile (you must be a CC user). See tutorial here.

You will get a ZIP (6KB) file
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