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Water Cycle Spanish Reading Comp Worksheet and Digital Activity

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This product includes two versions of a reading comprehension passage about the Water Cycle in Spanish. The resource contains a printable pdf worksheet, containing ten questions of various types and an answer key, that can be used as a handout as well as a digital version of this activity accessible via

This resource is perfect for students in grades 5 and up who are working on improving their vocabulary, grammar, and reading comprehension skills. Students will find this activity useful for testing their ability to read closely and pick details out of the passage in addition to understanding context and making inferences. Use this resource for homework, classroom assignments, and other assessments. This is a great way for students to practice their comprehension skills. Have your student(s) read the passage alone or in a group and discuss the different elements of the material. Show them what details to pay attention to in order to find specific answers or how one idea logically leads to another.

Subject: The water cycle
Pages: 7 (10 questions and answers)
Difficulty: 5th grade and up
Concepts tested:
  • Picking specific details from the passage
  • Making inferences
  • Grammar skills
Resources Included:
  1. El Ciclo Del Agua/The Water Cycle Reading Comprehension Worksheet - Spanish Ver.
  2. The Water Cycle Spanish Reading Comp Digital Activity Version

This activity is great extra practice for students who have difficulty finding details in passages and making inferences based on the text.
You will get the following files:
  • PDF (194KB)
  • PDF (193KB)

El Ciclo Del Agua/The Water Cycle Reading Comprehension Worksheet - Spanish Ver.


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