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Mimi LLWC Lets Make a Vlog To Show Off My Cast & Sexy Toes (HD 1920 X 1080)

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(English) Mimi is at home convalescing in her cast and getting bored not going out because she is embarrassed about her cast and how difficult it is to walk. So, she invites her friend over and they decide to make a blog, so Mimi can get more comfortable in her cast by showing it and her cute wiggling toes off to her online friends. Her friend interviews her about the cast while she wiggles her toes for the camera and answers. At one point her friend shows how ticklish he exposed foot is. When they are finally done Mimi crutches with her friend out of the room. There is a lot of POV and closeup foot shots with Mimi's casted foot in this one and if you like checking a fun cast interview clip of a Scandinavian cutie showing off her casted foot this one’s a "must see" for you.

TIME: 17 Mins
SIZE: 1090 Mb
RESOLUTION: 1920x1080
DATE: 09/14/22

You will get a MP4 (1GB) file

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