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Advanced Mermaid Politics (Ember Academy for Magical Beings: Book Three)

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When the bond between me, Naveen, Lorelei and James is supposed to be protecting me, lying to the three of them probably isn't my smartest move...

But I also know that they won't react well to knowing that the bond has been weakened, and I don't want James to feel pressured into strengthening the bond by getting close to me if he's not ready.

So, I'm stuck dealing with the Great Dragon who still wants to claim me as his bride by myself.

Which would be fine, if I was sure that I could actually trust myself not to fall for his charms again...

ADVANCED MERMAID POLITICS is the third book in the Ember Academy for Magical Beings New Adult slow-burn Reverse Harem Urban Fantasy Academy series. If you love bisexual heroines struggling to find their place in their world, dragon-related mysteries, and magical universities, you’ll love this latest fast-paced series in L.C. Mawson’s Snowverse.
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