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Snow Vixens: [AUDIOBOOK] A Sensual, Magic Realism Romance [2.5 hours]

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Some Detours Are Simply...Irresistible. 

(That's why they come in disguise.) 

“Intelligent Sexiness” — Amazon Top Review

Is it fate?

It might sound ridiculous, at first. Mad, even. But what if a mysterious chance connection could change the way you see sex, love and intimacy…forever? Could shatter things you believed you knew about yourself? Could make you discover something buried, revealing and true? Can a stranger do all that? In one night? Many have this secret craving.

And like many of us, Brigit almost missed it.

Enjoy the complete immersive audio book adaptation. Run time approx 2.5 hours (around the length of a good movie).

Watch for updates on new releases and series we're dropping.

-- Liquescence Team

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