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Cargo Pants Free Pattern - From War To Fashion Statement

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Some say we are at war, and some say we have been at war for many thousands of years, and we haven't even noticed; all I can say is that the only battle I will be raging is against the flies that come into my kitchen, the rabbits that are eating my lettuce, and the mosquitos that linger who knows where to come out when you lay your head down on the pillow.

We, as a family, are spending a few years developing a farm project. Off-grid, solar-powered, well and rainwater, free-range animals, thousands of trees, fruits, vegetables, and honey, and no TV. We live among the vineyards, bee hives, and wild birds. It sounds idyllic, and in a way, it is, but it is a lot of hard work. There is no place for silk dresses or Capri Swarovsky studded sandals here. My accessories are an apron, gloves and rubber boots, for this chapter of my life I require a new wardrobe.

These pants are the first item on my list; this cargo pants-free pattern will make a pair of gardening pants and some pants for dinner paired with a short Channel-inspired jacket. There is no need to look frumpy, even among my potato plants.
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