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Unholy Craving Signed Paperback

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As a newly appointed youth pastor, I blindly walk by faith, stumbling without the promised light down God’s chosen path.

Until a young man resurrects the sinful nature I’ve rejected in my strive for purity.

Isaac Van Dusen, my pastor’s son.

He’s troubled. Rebellious. Off limits to my lonely heart, yet gives me breath when I feel I’m drowning and in need of a savior.

Isaac’s hunger for sin rivals mine, the kind that consumes.

Burns like fire and brimstone.

I’m determined to stay in a constant state of prayer, begging for delivery from temptation—all while dreaming of being on my knees for entirely different reasons.

I want to submit to the unholy craving between us and worship the young man entrusted to my spiritual care.

But acting on the lusts of the flesh ensures our fall from grace, and I can’t allow him to be the second one to pay the price for my sins.

Even if it means living a lie for eternity.

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