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MONROAD tells the true story of a calico cat, named Marilyn, who bicycled an entire loop around America with her owner. Marilyn took in the entire trip from her carriage, in the front basket, and once the tour was complete - it was time for Marilyn to tell her story.

Translated by her owner, MONROAD was written by Marilyn and tells the heroic story of her, and her owner, while the two travel America in search of true love and belonging.

Pre-order the book now for an exclusive reward of all seven other books that her owner, Caleb, has written in his life. The collection includes four books of poetry, two coming-of-age memoirs, and a novella. When MONROAD is released, in May of 2022, you will get a notification and a link to download the book.

While there is still time, pre-order now and catch up on some reading before MONROAD drops!
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