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  • Do you ever have vivid dreams and wonder why they seem so intense?
  • Are you prone to nightmares and long for a peaceful night's sleep?
  • Do you get reoccurring dreams and don't understand why you are having them?
If you have any of these or would just like to decode your dreams, this Dream Interpretation audio lesson is your key to understanding what your subconscious is trying to tell you. 
As far back as the ancient Greeks and Egyptians, there has been interest in dreams and their symbolism. And it hasn't stopped. There are many dream dictionaries out there, however, they don't necessarily show you how to use them effectively. 
I became fascinated with dreams in my late teens, and over the years I've had a number of prophetic dreams including 9.11, the missing Malaysia plane, my friend's engagement to name a few and many messages of guidance. I chose to look into dream analysis further and gained a diploma, which enables me to provide a fully holistic approach to my clients. 
I ask my clients to keep a dream journal whilst they are on a transformational journey with me because of the powerful feedback that can come from them.
This downloadable kit contains:

  • An audio mp3 where I teach you how to easily decipher the images that come to you so you can do this on your own. 
  • A pdf workbook to accompany the lesson
  • A 15 min laser coaching session (booking link will be emailed to you separately) 
 Are you ready to connect with your subconscious and decode your dreams?
You will get the following files:
  • PDF (8MB)
  • MP3 (13MB)
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