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Noli Me Oblivisci

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The idea for this shawl came to me when I was least expecting it. I was sitting in my garden, when I found myself thinking about how I could make an asymmetric shawl with an edging that went all the way around the outer edge. So I started to experiment and published my progress on Instagram.

After some really lovely feedback and a couple of kind requests, I decided I would actually publish the pattern so I came up with the name noli me oblivisci – Latin for forget-me-not.  Wlhen I started to look a bit deeper, I discovered that the verb from which oblivisci came was to do with rubbing away, as with wax tablets – the Roman notebook of choice. The idea that the literal translation was actually do not rub me away was so poignant in the current climate where so many are isolated from their loved ones.

The yarn was dyed by Lucy Locket Land, in the most perfect forget-me-not blue and is available from her shop at
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