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Discover your first Charlottetown secrets...with the Secrets Travel Guide Gift Pack!

You'll get two exclusive Charlottetown travel guides: the Secrets Travel Guide, & the Hidden Gems Guide! These PDF guides enhance your Charlottetown experience with secrets you won't hear on the tour, hidden history of the city...and more! 

(As an added FREE bonus, you'll also receive book one of the Prince Edward Island Love Letters & Legends series, inspired by one of the stories on the Secrets of Charlottetown tour.) 

Secrets Travel Guide Includes: 
  • Top 4 little-known photo ops in Charlottetown 
  • Charlottetown secrets & folklore you won't hear on the tour
  • Tucked-away scenic spots in the city to enjoy Island-made ice cream
  • Best hidden PEI beaches for beachcombing... and more! 
Hidden Gems Travel Guide includes:
  • a curated Island playlist of songs by local artists
  • an authentic Island cake recipe, so you can bake a taste of PEI when you're home
  • and some other fun history & ideas in and around Charlottetown to help you make the most of your Island getaway! 
PLUS! You'll receive an exclusive FREE bonus gift!: 
  • This Time It's Forever, book 1 in the Prince Edward Island Love Letters & Legends series, hit Amazon's Top 20 in the mystery-romance category! 
    • An antique love letter reveals a secret connecting the American Revolution to the windswept shores of gorgeous Prince Edward Island. As a Boston archivist & a handsome Islander puzzle over clues to a legendary lost artifact hidden on the island, will they also uncover the treasure of true love? 
What You'll Get: a total of 2 PDF guides and 1 full-length digital novel in PDF format. 
You will get the following files:
  • PDF (1MB)
  • PDF (21MB)
  • PDF (19MB)
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