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by Polka & Bloom

"Small Stitches" and "Stitching Borders" are original e-books from Polka & Bloom.

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'Small Stitches' has 29 pages aimed at getting you started with embroidery in a fun way. It has a short introduction to the basic tools and materials you need. 'Stitching Borders' has 25 pages which will get you familiar with some lesser used embroidery stitches. 

'Small Stitches' covers the following stitches:
Straight stitch • Running stitch • Back stitch •French knot • Daisy stitch • Chain stitch • Cross stitch • Star stitch • Satin stitch • Blanket stitch • Buttonhole wheel

There are 10 patterns in Small Stitches. Most of them use just 2 or 3 stitches, progressing with the stitch directions. The idea is that you concentrate on a few stitches at a time to become familiar with them. But it is by no means compulsory to follow the patterns chronologically!

The patterns range from very simple designs like a leaf or a paisley pattern to more intricate ones that use several colours and stitches.

'Stitching Borders' covers the following 12 stitches:
Ermine stitch • Open Cretan • Maidenhair • Wheatear • Detached wheatear • Danish knot • Chevron stitch • Herringbone stitch • Fern stitch • Petal stitch • Feathered chain • Tête de boeuf

There are 10 patterns in the book. Most of them use just 2 or 3 stitches, some a bit more.

The patterns are a collection of mostly borders or 'ribbon' like designs. There are stitched versions of every pattern and colour suggestios, with DMC colour codes.

Each pattern comes in 2 sizes and in some cases also in a mirrored version.

The book is not for 'complete beginners'. Knowledge of the Daisy stitch, French knot and Cross stitch are, if not absolutely necessary, pretty useful. 

The books are designed to fit within both A4 and US letter size paper, so there is a bit of white space around the pages, but trim off the excess and you'll have a nice handy book. When printing the books, make sure you set your printer to 'landscape' or you may get a funny looking book! All the patterns are at the back of the books so if you want to help save the rain forest, please only print those pages.

The images in the actual pattern are clear and do not have the copyright line in them.

The text, patterns and photos are copyright Carina Envoldsen-Harris 2009-2011 and are for personal use only. You may not sell the books or any of their parts or any items using the patterns in the books.

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