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How to Teach Homeschooling the Easy Way Guidebook and Planner

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Not all planners are created equal. 

That's why we decided to make our own. 

Tired of the creators of planners promising the world but falling short on their delivery?

You know, the ones who say "this planner is revolutionary and is guaranteed to get you organized!"

Blah Blah Blah.

So you impulse buy the download, only to find 90% of the pages are pretty blank and with very little instruction on how to actually plan. I mean, you know you NEED to do the things, but how do you sort through the mess in a logical way? How do you truly plan your homeschool year?

We don't struggle with setting goals, we struggle with attaining them. The roadmap to get from point A (the mess) to point B (the destination of no more chaotic running in circles) is where homeschool teachers fall short. 

Turns out when you plan and when you DO are actually what makes you achieve your tasks or not. You see, we plan during our “peak” hours but always seem to stuff those extra goals into the times when we are less awake, enthusiastic and seriously overloaded. 

Behold, How to Teach Homeschooling the Easy Way.The ultimate mashup of planner and guidebook.

Unfortunately horror stories of homeschoolers have flooded social media so parents are extra paranoid and feel the need to log everything. I blame that for the reason many homeschool planners include a lot of unnecessary things such as dental appointment trackers or health sheets for each family member.

The truth though, is would a public school student have to submit those records? While homeschool families may be held to hire standards there are some things that are unnecessary to keep in your homeschool planner and binder. Go ahead and throw the fear or paranoia out the window because we are going to help you overcome what needs to be logged and what we think doesn't need to be logged. 

What we don't need to track 
  • Personal health appointments (at least not in your homeschool binder) 
  • Every password and username for your banking, bills or other accounts

What we do need to track
  • Grades
  • Report card
  • Reading list
  • Letter of Intent filing dates
  • Curriculum used
As it turns out, most homeschooling teachers want a planner that tells them how to plan, not just empty pages with cute borders. 

We modeled our planner on the old format of planners, leaving plenty of room for you to fill in. But we tweaked it to be more user friendly.

Here's what you get
---> 70+ pages of guidance that comes from 25+ years of homeschool teacher experience
---> Templates
---> Printable sheets
---> Yearly goal setting sheets
---> Homeschooling terms you need to know
---> Student report cards
---> First day of school checklist
---> Free curriculum cheat sheets
---> Cheap curriculum cheat sheets
---> Teacher resources for tutoring, math problems and record keeping
--->  Attendance tracking sheets 

Litterally, it's what I wish someone would have had on the market for me. Not just empty pages in a planner you can get at the Dollar Tree....for $1.00. 

Instead, it's a mini ebook with directions on how to teach homeschooling for the entire YEAR! 

Are you ready to invest in YOURSELF as a homeschool teacher?

*payments will be listed as "easybutton" on your bank statement.
Now, I have to say that we can’t accept returns on digital downloads because the sins of one, have ruined it for the many. But in the name of transparency, we will show you all the pages so you can make an educated decision before buying.
You will get a PDF (16MB) file
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