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The Crossroads Curse: A Reclaimed Short

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The first time she laid eyes on him, she knew he was the one. With his dashing smile, swaggering confidence, and undeniable charms, his ability to sweep women off their feet (in a very literal sense) was legendary. This small town girl didn’t stand a chance when it came to his immense... charms.

He was fully aware of his ability to sweet talk the pants off anyone of the female persuasion. He was looking for a good time and boy, did he get it. After all, small town life can get pretty redundant without just a little extra-curricular activity.

However, little did he know that when they consummated their attraction, he’d unleash a vortex of crazy unlike anything his considerable imagination could have dreamed.

Worse yet, their union birthed one of the most unholy cities this side of the mighty Mississippi.

Some say Crossroads is cursed. Others allege that tiny Minnesota town is simply unlucky. Then there are those who celebrate its misfortune, claiming all the bad press is exaggerated, a means of keeping out the riff raff.

Truth is, Crossroads was born in blood. Baptized in hate. But, is it cursed? Just avoid basements and do NOT order any dish containing lamb…
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