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Unbroken, Savage North #6 (Audiobook)

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Narrated by Rebekah Nemethy and Luis Bermudez

The Savage North clan has traversed the Alaskan wilderness in search of sanctuary, lost loved ones, and found hope and family where they least expected it. But dark pasts have a way of lingering...

Thea was six years old when the Virus changed her, and while other survivors wear their superpowers like badges of honor, Thea fears the moment she’ll have to use her telekinesis again. After all, the mere flick of her wrist in the heat of the moment could prove fatal for someone she loves, and she already has enough blood on her hands to last her a lifetime. So, when she’s invited on a road trip to California, Thea jumps at the chance to shrug off the shadows of her youth and prove to herself she’s unbroken.

Since he was eight years old, Hunter has fought to keep his village safe from the Virus-ravaged world, and living in Whitehorse hasn’t changed that. Uncertainty still looms for the Untainteds, and Hunter joins the others on their trip south in search of answers. The only trouble is that Hunter and Thea have never gotten along, and three weeks together could be Hunter’s undoing...just not in the way he’s expecting.

Thousands of miles of open road, close living quarters, and a doomsday cult might be just what Thea and Hunter need to realize their dark pasts belong behind them, and together, discover that their destinies will alter the course of humanity as they know it.

Unbroken is a post-apocalyptic love story about first impressions, forgiveness, and the perseverance of the human spirit. It is the final, breathtaking installment in the Savage North Chronicles.


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