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How Kind People Get Tough - eBook

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Are you fed up giving away your time and energy? Do you wish you could stop pleasing people, set better boundaries and just say no without feeling guilty?

How Kind People Get Tough is an excellent guide for mastering boundaries and building confidence for happier, more successful relationships

  • Discover the secrets to stop pleasing people and setting boundaries.
  • Learn effective communication techniques to be heard and gain respect.
  • Say no with confidence and without guilt.
  • Start leading life on your own terms whilst still having great relationships.
  • Be the real you, and be okay with that.

This book is special in that it goes beyond teaching basic assertiveness. It explains why we human beings have an innate struggle with being more assertive in the first place, and it teaches you how to get past these fundamental blocks.

Packed full of case studies, tools, tips, and techniques, this much-loved book also includes your free Online Companion Course to help you apply the skills in the book to your own life and relationships.

You will get a PDF (1MB) file