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Bundle of FOUR Gay Fantasy Erotica titles. A creature from the deep, an angel, a vampire, and a winged bounty hunter. Beneath the Waves, Eternal, Night Shadow, and Wings of Fire. 

(Beneath the Waves): The man they pull aboard is injured. And nude. Floating out in the middle of the sea. Not another boat in sight. Eric does his best to patch him up but communicating is proving difficult. He doesn't speak English. When Pochuria disappears, Eric is devastated. It is months before he sees him again, but Pochuria has a secret. How bizarre an encounter is Eric willing to share with him? 

(Eternal): As an angel, it is Dimitri's job to deliver a soon to be departed human soul to the tribunal for judgment. When the time finally comes to collect the soul, Dimitri's counterpart from the dark underworld arrives. Dimitri has never met the sultry Lakim before. He's new in the area. And he's gorgeous. Will one ethereal being be overpowering another before the night is through? 

(Night Shadow): Finding a token to enter a private club, I'm introduced to a world I didn't know existed. And in that world, the man running it all. Sultry, commanding—and stunning, Dominique. He's an Adonis. He embodies beauty and desire—holds it in his hands and plays with it. He's dangerous and powerful, I can feel it. Can I resist the temptation? 

(Wings of Fire): Damian has a simple job to do, track down a bail jumper, capture him, deliver him to the penal colony on Luna 1, and collect his bounty. But being in heat, Damian finds himself drawn to the human bail jumper, Noel. It goes against every bit of logic, but his desire overwhelms him. He needs to be bred by this particular male. Will he follow through? And if he does, what will that lead to?
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