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SOUL SONIC - Postnatal album of meditations (10 tracks)

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Soul Sonic was born from my personal journey through motherhood, where I realised I had nowhere to go to unwind, and often felt overwhelmed. During my pregnancy, Hypnobirthing meditations became my sanctuary, my anchor during stressful times. They became the safe haven in my mind, transporting me to imaginary worlds that I absolutely loved and often missed!

With Soul Sonic, I've created a place for you to escape when you need to, a sanctuary to call your own. Each track is carefully crafted to guide you to that inner stillness, that peaceful oasis we all have within us. ❤️

It's a beautifully crafted album for the post natal period with unique tracks: picture yourself riding on an imaginary bubble, gracefully soaring through boundless skies. Feel the thrill of diving into an abandoned pool, finding refreshing reflection amidst the tranquility. ☮️

Soul Sonic is your gateway to an oasis of inner peace and profound self-discovery. ✨

Track list: 

  1. Positive Affirmations - leaving you confident & restored 
  2. 10min Bubble Relaxer - no more overwhelm, enter a place of deep relaxation
  3. Snowflake Destress & Refresh Visualization - slow down racing thoughts 
  4. Floating Bed Relaxation - escape 
  5. Body Confidence Affirmations - own being uniquely YOU
  6. The Deserted Garden Relaxation - enter your safe haven, reflect on important questions 
  7. The Garden of Sound Immersion - rejuvenating your soul 
  8. 10min Reset - come back to the best YOU 
  9. 3min Guided Breathing - breathe with a tribal beat 
  10. Scream - release tension in this invigorating screaming activity! 

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Poppy x

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