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Tutoring Course

How to Start and Grow Your Tutoring Service

Side Hustle or Full Time Career

Tutoring is a great option to add extra income to your wallet, but it can also be a full-time career. In fact, that was my path for twelve awesome years!

Not only can it be lucrative, and offer freedom in your schedule, and freedom in where you live, but it is also an extremely fulfilling career. You'll create amazing connections with great families, and be a part of helping so many students succeed.

12 Years Experience

My name is Derek Henig and I've been tutoring professionally for 12 years as my full-time career. I've done it all. I've tutored in person, tutored online, worked for another company, started my own company, and worked as a solo tutoring service.

In this course, I try to share as much of that experience with you as I can, and for whatever I miss... see my Guarantee below.

The goal of this course is to get those interested in tutoring up and running as soon as possible, focusing on only what's necessary first. For those who have been tutoring already, we'll hopefully fix some mistakes around things like pricing, and then I'll provide a bunch of tools for managing and growing your business. See the full course outline below.

The First Video

Here's the first video... on me 👍 In it I discuss the course, what to expect, show you the course outline and talk more about my guarantee.

I hope you enjoy and it gets you excited for the rest of the course!

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Forever Plan

With this one-time fee, you lock in my Guarantee. Any questions or details you think I should go further into, or details you just want me to cover, I will create a new video and upload it to a YouTube playlist for all in this course to benefit from.

This way, you only have to spend money this one time to forever have your answers around maintaining and growing your tutoring business.

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