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The Kingmakers

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The Kingmakers

Cumberland Academy 2017

'The Archons established the practice of 'kingmakers' on Earth's surface about 12,000 years ago. The history was written and the people were selected to play the main roles towards leading us to the present day. . . I will explain this as it has been shown to me, in my dreamscape, by the Mantis Guardian who has both protected and guided me in this lifetime. I am sitting on a hill looking at a temple. There is a master teacher and I am being prepared for this life. In this life I remember this experience many times but I do not know that this place exists, here on Earth and has existed here for thousands of years. It is a Stargate - the temple of ISIS in Upper Egypt. When it is time to be conceived, the fabric of life which holds the key sends a single strand of DNA through the web of space-time, and my DNA which holds the memories of my soul’s journey, to the insertion point where a tube of clear mucous is formed and hardened, a slender straight invisible needle which is used by the spider-being working with and for the Mantis Guardian to blow that single strand of DNA into the follicle which will attract a sperm cell and become me. This is how the Mantis come to be called ‘Master of the Key’."


Part One – Transdimensional, telepathic, shape-shifting and artificial intelligence ‘AI'

Chapter 1 – The Arcturians

Chapter 2 – Guardian Warriors of Agartha

Chapter 3 – Stargates  and Templars

Chapter 4 – Master of the Key

Chapter 5 – The Kingmakers

Chapter 6 – Calendar manipulations, the shapeshifting of our history


Part Two – Autism and GOD: Generation of Diversity

Chapter 1  – Autism, Evolution of the Immune system

Chapter 2  – Morgellons

Chapter 3 – Alien abductions

Chapter 4 – Tau Cetians, Quadloids and Sasquatch

Chapter 5 – The causes and cures of dis-ease

Chapter 6 – Hybrids

  1. Epilogue

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