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With their flair for engaging storytelling and a renowned love and respect for literature and the arts, the French Boys have something for everyone. Featuring five captivating stories set among rolling hills, village squares and the rooftops of Paris - the birthplace of cinema has never looked this inviting.

VIDEO FILE: 1hr 42mins, HD mp4 with burnt-in English subtitles

FAIRYOCIOUS dir. Fabien Ara
Alma is petrified. She doesn't know how to react. Her eight-year-old son Simon wants to go to school dressed as a fairy.

THE GRAFFITI dir. Aurelien Laplace
The mayor of a small village desperately tries to enlist the help of the local doctor to solve an issue of great importance - graffiti that implies the pair have engaged in a heinous sexual act!

EVA dir. Florent Médina
Gabriel, a shy boy, decides to enlist the services of Eva to help him confront his sexual desires. Although he isn't able to make love with her, their meeting takes an unexpected turn.

A NEW BREATH dir. Nina Parent
Reclusive teenager Gabriel finds himself and his camera drawn to something new and arousing - handsome dancer Antoine.

MASCULINE dir. Zoé Chadeau
As the night approaches the twilight hours, Arthus and Marin - recent acquaintances from a frisky meet-up at a nearby bar - enter into a conversation where they see each other in a new light.

When Vincent sees Jean-Christophe at the beach, the attraction is immediate. However, the next morning Vincent's life is turned upside down.
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