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Top Secrets of the Super Rich

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In this modern era in which many people are facing hardship and all sorts of discrimination as a result of poverty, there are still many who live big and are enjoying all the good things of this world through their efforts and hard work. The difference between these two categories of people is that what the poor see as impossible, difficult or an obstacle, the rich see it as a possibility and an easy task to handle. So the mentality of these sets of individuals described above is what results to the quality of life they find themselves.

This book 'Top secrets of the super rich' x-rays those attitudes, actions, management acumen, leadership qualities, decision making expertise and other things which made these individuals best described as highly successful and rich, what they are today.

Very interesting is the last chapter which comes with the caption ‘voices from the rich’, in which a lot of lessons can be derived by reading various interviews on the strategies some of them used to get to the super rich level.
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