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Want to start your backyard farm the right way but just don't know where to start? It seems like you should be keeping 40+ chickens, a half-acre garden, have a dairy animal, plus 25 other skills you need to learn...But that seems exhausting.

If you want to start a backyard farm that fits YOUR dream lifestyle, the Backyard Farm Foundation is the answer to starting your dream backyard farm and country lifestyle without the chaos! 

The best parts in a nutshell: 

- Setting your farm goals video lesson – So you can set a clear plan and know exactly what you are working towards.

- Learn how to evaluate your projects – So you make progress on your dream lifestyle without feeling overwhelmed.

- How to choose the right projects to get you started - So you can grow your backyard farm in a way that is sustainable.

Other details:

- The video lesson is linked in the PDF download so you don't have to keep track of course log-ins!

- Ink-friendly quick notes so you can print out the key points of the lesson and keep them right in front of you!

-15 pages of goal planning information for someone starting their backyard farm. No Fluff Here!

You will get a PDF (2MB) file