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Face Reading Essentials - EYES

Every face has a story to tell... what' s yours?Joey Yap' s Face Reading Essentials comprise a series of short yet detailed guides that describe each important facial trait on the face. These are accompanied by clear, elegant illustrations that you can easily identify and reference into types on a REAL face. You' ll be able to use the information given to ' practice' on any face, whether it' s your own, or those of your friends, family, and colleagues.

In this book on the Eyes, be informed and be entertained with this guide to knowing what the windows of the soul have to reveal about you, and those around you! Find yourself, your friends, and your family among the 50 types of eyes shown here, and be on your way towards understanding what lies beneath.

Are your eyes big or small and how does that reflect how you relate to others?

Is it sunken or protruding and what does it mean for your relationships?

What does it mean to have permanently watery eyes? (hint: depending on the context, not always bad!)

Flip open the pages of this book to know what type of eyes you have, and what it means. It' s as simple as that!

An ancient practice is now condensed into easy-to-digest nuggets of information. If you' ve ever wanted to know more about people in general, and why we have such vastly different personalities, perceptions, and reactions, Face Reading is the first captivating step in a journey that will reveal plenty of insight.

Simple, intriguing, and most of all, FUN, you' ll never look at any face and at any pair of eyes the same way again!

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