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The Sky you Love

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The Sky you Love is a pattern designed so that you can knit your very own sky. I love looking at the sky, especially sunsets over water, which is the sky that I picked for my design, using Sonne and Türkis in Wollmeise Pure. This can be purchased in the USA at The Loopy Ewe, purchased and delivered in a week from Wollmeise in Germany, or you can go to your lys and choose 2 skeins of fingering in your favorite brand or color.

Do you like winter with pink clouds in the evening, summer storms, or sunrises in Santa Fe? Prefer a navy blue night sky with silver stars? Then knit it into your own special sky!

This was made with 400 yards of CC (Sonne) and 300 yards of MC (Türkis) from Wollmeise Pure skeins but you can certainly continue knitting to make it longer.

The bottom photo shows the wrong side.

Simple slipped stitches and garter are used, along with knitting and purling. There is a also a stitch count chart with boxes for checkmarks for your knitting pleasure.

An optional knitted scalloped edge is done at the end. It is made of yo’s, knits and purls. Or, you can just stop after the garter border, add some MC, or make some stripes. You can even make it longer by continuing to knit. You can even do the scalloped border in the MC….because remember: It’s your sky!

Final measurements: 15” deep by 90” along bottom border.
You will get a PDF (2MB) file