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How to Attract Clients (+Detailed Instructions)

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Running your own small service business is a complicated balancing act. You need to market your business, attract and nurture new clients, and create a name for yourself–all while doing the actual work your clients give you.

Finding new clients is a constant struggle but an important one. It's something you should do on an ongoing basis, even when you're busy. In this course, you'll learn 19 ways to find more clients for your business both online and offline.

This course is aimed at you if you are a:

  • Small service business owner or freelance professional
  • Business coach, consultant, or advisor
  • Business service providers, such as a virtual assistant or financial advisor
  • Freelance creatives such as web designers, illustrators, writers, or other artists
  • Professional service providers, such as medical or health professionals
  • …Or anyone else who relies on getting clients for your business

The How to Attract Clients Checklist (+ Detailed Instructions) includes:

  • How to Attract Clients Checklist
  • How to Attract Client Detailed Instructions

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