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Orion’s Belt is one of the most familiar asterisms in the night sky: it is easy to find in the night sky as it is located on the celestial equator and part of one of the most prominent stellar patterns in the northern sky, the hourglass-shaped constellation Orion.
It is formed by three massive, bright stars located in our galaxy: Alnilam, Alnitak and Mintaka.

These three hats are super fun projects that give stellar results!

These hats are started along the top semicircle, then worked as inverse half-pi to the center front. Stitches are then picked up along the CO edge to work a thin strip without increases or decreases that adds a little volume to the piece, then the same half-pi is worked to the center back.
An unusual and very fun construction!
These cloche hats are very comfortable to wear because the special construction makes them slightly longer over your ears and gently curves the shape to follow naturally the shape of your head, so that they stay in place even without a tight hem.
Mosaic colorwork adds fun to the work, so that these hats are a pure joy to knit and to wear!
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