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Agents of The Emperor Collection Volume 4: 5 Science Fiction Short Stories

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5 enthralling, page turning science fiction short stories in one great collection!


Escape Plan

An Execution. A Tense Arbiter. An Escape Plan.

Executioners kill criminals.

Angeline enforces the law. She watches for a prison break. Angeline knows it could happen.

Can Angeline act before it’s too late? Or will she fail?

If you enjoy tense enthralling science fiction short stories, you’ll love this!

Balance of Power

An Impossible Situation. An Impossible Balance. A Choice Like No Other.

One choice determines the path of billions.

My choice determines everything. My choice damns or saves my people. My choice gives or loses me power.

Do I keep the balance? Or lose everything?

Edge of Failure

A Failing Business. Doomed Livelihoods. No Easy Choices.

Businesses rise and fall in the far future.

Cao loves his business. He faces losing everything. Cao knows the end is coming.

Can Cao protect his business and workers? Or will they lose everything?

Good Idea At The Time

A Professor. A Group of Alien Obelisks. A Good Idea At the Time.

Someone offers you an army. Take it!

Maxicus studies alien obelisks. He smells their strange metallic dust. Maxicus focuses on their symbols.

Can Maxicus make them work?

If you loved enthralling, twisted science fiction adventure short stories, you will love this!

Acceptable Losses

A Choice To be Made. An Unstoppable Plague. Millions of Lives At Stake.

A Loss is always acceptable if more live.

Alexandria rules her world. She knows millions could die. Her rule hangs in the balance.

Can Alexandria make the right choice? Or will she damn her people forever?

If you want enthralling science fiction short stories, you’ll love this one!

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