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Come join us for a fun-filled vacation in Mystic Pines, Alaska, where the weather isn’t always warm but our hospitality is.

Karter Dixon was about to take on his toughest client yet, his cousin, Axom. He’s been a wedding planner for nearly a year and successfully completed six weddings. The last one, however… Well, let’s just say it wasn’t good. More like a complete and utter failure, not that it had been his fault. This wedding should be his redemption but he feared his cousin would make a mockery of all his hard work.

Dane Ellis had come to Mystic Pines to get away from the world for a while. After he’d caught his last boyfriend making out with his best friend, Dane had sworn off dating, possibly for life. That was one of the appealing things about the small Alaskan town. Visitors came, hopefully a few would even want to hook up for a night or two, and then they’d leave.

The moment the defeated Karter walks into Dane’s tavern, The Frosted Mug, they’re both hit with lust. Except, it went far deeper than that. But for them to fall in love, they must first get their heads out of their asses.

Good thing there are two cats who are more than happy…annoyed? The point is, they push the two men in the right direction, whether they like it or not.

Warning: This series takes place in the middle of the Alaskan Triangle. Anything could happen, from Bigfoot, to aliens, to disappearances and upside-down trees, so expect the unexpected, especially when two cats decide it’s time to stick their noses in.
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Puzzling Encounter


Take A Hike


Outwitted by a Husky


Stuck in the Mud