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Beginners Astrology Digital Class

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Learn how to read your birth chart with this 4 part Basic Astrology Class. Easy to comprehend and well explained by Astrologer Jenifer Edwards.

Lesson 1: Modalities, 12 Signs & 12 Planets
Lesson 2: The Planets
Lesson 3: Aspects and Angles
Lesson 4: Chiron, North Node & Transit Planets

Audio for each class recorded during live instruction
Handouts for each lessonĀ 
You will get the following files:
  • M4A (31MB)
  • DOCX (86KB)
  • M4A (12MB)
  • DOCX (44KB)
  • M4A (5MB)
  • DOCX (39KB)
  • M4A (36MB)
  • DOCX (20KB)