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Tank Encyclopedia Magazine Issue #3

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The third issue covers WW1 armored vehicles — Hotchkiss Htk46 and Schneider CA and CD in Italian Service. WW2 section contains two splendid stories of the US and German 'Heavy Armor' — T29 Heavy Tank and Jagdtiger.

Our Archive section covers the history of early requirements for the Soviet heavy (large) tank. Worth mentioning, that the article is based on documents never published before.

It also contains a modeling article on how to create a terrain for diorama. And the last article from our colleagues and friends from Plane Encyclopedia covers the story of Northrop’s Early LRI Contenders — N-126 Delta Scorpion, N-144 and N-149!

All the articles are well researched by our excellent team of writers and are accompanied by beautiful illustrations and photos. If you love tanks, this is the magazine for you!
The Team:

Magazine Editors: Alex Tarasov, Edward Jackson

Authors: Wolfgang Hinze, Andrew Hills, Leander Jobse, Bayu Chriswoyo, Alex Tarasov, Andrew Hills, Erik Lovejoy, Chris Gareze

Illustrations: David Bocquelet, Yuvnashva Sharma, C. Ryan

Website Editors: Andrew Hills, Gareth Lynn Montes, Craig ‘Tank Hunter’ Moore, Lucian Stan, Sonny ‘RivetCounter’ Butterworth, Will Kerrs
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