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Grade 5 Papers and Solutions

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This pack consists of the papaers and solutions on the following topics

Changing the Subject 1.pdf
Changing the Subject 2.pdf
Compound Measures.pdf
Cubic and Reciprocal Graphs.pdf
Direct and Inverse Proportion 1.pdf
Direct and Inverse Proportion 2.pdf
Drawing Quadratic Graphs1 .pdf
Drawing Quadratic Graphs2 .pdf
Equation of a Straight Line.pdf
Exact Trigonometrical Values.pdf
Factorise and Expand Quadratics 1.pdf
Factorise and Expand Quadratics 2.pdf
Frequency Polygons.pdf
Gradient of a line.pdf
Midpoint of a line.pdf
Reverse Percentages.pdf
Sector Area and Segment Lengths.pdf
Similar Shapes.pdf
Simultaneous Equations 1.pdf
Simultaneous Equations 2.pdf
Simultaneous Equations Graph.pdf
Solving Quadratics Non-Calc.pdf
Speed Distance Time Graphs.pdf
Spheres and Cones2.pdf
Spheres and Cones.pdf
Standard Form Calc.pdf
Standard Form Non Calc.pdf
Tree Diagrams 1.pdf
Tree Diagrams 2.pdf
Venn Diagrams.pdf
Writing Ratio.pdf
You will get a ZIP (167MB) file

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