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An awkward coming-out in the desert, the proposal of a threesome in a Tel Aviv art gallery, a confrontation with a group of boys in a community swimming pool… Secrets, lies, surprises and more are explored in this rich selection of gay short films from Israel. Starring Uri Klauzner (Kippur), Yoav Rotman (Beyond the Mountains and Hills) and Levana Finkelstein (The Farewell Party).

VIDEO FILE: 1hr 40mins, HD mp4 with burnt-in English subtitles

THREE dir. Lior Soroka
Udi, a young architect from Tel Aviv, agrees to go along with his partner Nimrod's proposal to have a threesome with another man. The night the three men spend together makes Udi question his relationship with Nimrod.

A TRIP TO THE DESERT dir. Nizan Lotem & Lior Haen
Three best friends take a trip to the desert, and their friendship is put to the test. Lior, who is openly gay, and religious Jew Elad, suddenly have to face each other's life choices. As for Yossi... where the hell is Yossi?

RUBBER DOLPHIN dir. Ori Aharon
A gay love story set in a one-bedroom apartment in Tel Aviv. They meet, they have sex, they fall in love. Will it last until the morning comes? Ori Aharon's sweet and profound tale of what happens after a hook-up was a film festival favourite (premiering at Cannes' prestigious Cinéfondation Official Selection) that takes a delicate and touching approach to familiar gay themes.

STAV dir. Michal Haggiag
A young woman is looking for a teen she's responsible for as part of her volunteer work. After a desperate search while encountering other wayward youths, she discovers a lifestyle totally foreign to her.

AFTER HIS DEATH dir. Lior Soroka
After her father passes away, Ayelet finds out that he had an affair with another man. Although her mother disapproves, she decides to meet her father's lover. Lior Soroka's bittersweet look at a mother-daughter relationship in the throes of grief is a fascinating insight into how different two generations in one family can be.

LEAVE OF ABSENCE (SHABATON) dir. Moshe Rosenthal
After a misfortune with some male grooming products, Meir finds himself on a night out with a few of his former students. Moshe Rosenthal's exploration of moving past middle age is an at times amusing but always introspective unpeeling of a delicate masculinity.
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