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Health: Unit 1 Stress Management

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This resource focuses on the causes and effects of stress where students will discern strategies and skills to cope with the demands of everyday life, including goal setting, problem solving,mental health, and the final stages of life. The students will learn about the application of effective coping skills, such as exercise, journal writing, and talking to trusted adults.

What's inside:

Page 1: Four strategies for coping with problems and stress.
Page 2: Student demonstrates strategies for coping with stress in their own words.
Page 3: Student learns about time-management skills plan such as organizing study/homework schedules and how they benefit from it.
Page 4: My After School Schedule. Student creates their own schedule with this worksheet.
Page 5: Emotions and Stress. Student describes method of communicating their emotions and the relationship to their emotion and stress.
Page 6: Long Term Planning. Student will develop strategies for long-term plan for setting long-term personal and vocational goals.
Page 7: Respecting our Elders. Student will learn about strategies to show respect for individual differences including age differences.

This information was structured with 7th grade students in mind.

Have fun chatting up!

Total 9 pages.
You will get a PDF (620KB) file

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