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Be Kind Positive Peg Chart - Behaviour Management

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BEHAVIOUR MANAGEMENT - Better Ways to Happy Days ©
To make charts;
·      Print in colour, laminate, join each page with clip rings
·      Glue instructions page behind 1 section of chart before laminating
Start each day on FRESH START
Earn a stamp on SUPER STAR Move back to FRESH START
10 STAMPS = Prize or Privilege
A PEG CHART is a visual reminder that positive choices equal positive things and that all choices lead to an outcome (consequence). Display the PEG CHART in the classroom and add a bulldog clip or clip coat hanger, to carry to specialist classes. Introduce and review the chart processes, with students, at the beginning of each term. Use the script included to explicitly teach students the behaviour norms or expectations of the classroom/school as well as the consequences of positive and negative behaviour choices. Prizes do not have to be material things, check out our rewards kit for loads of ideas.
NOTE: There is always a feeling behind a behaviour, support students to find positive ways to deal with their emotions by focusing on ‘opportunities’ to reset.
Remember to watch students for positive behaviour after a peg down movement.
The aim is to recognise behaviour turn around as soon as possible.
You may like to include at least one “everybody move your peg up” per day
Our two-part philosophy;
Provide resources to help students to; understand and recognise their emotions, plan and use strategies to prevent escalation, understand their crisis cycle, reflect after an issue and repair and restore relationships.
When expectations and consequences (positive and negative) are clear and consistent, students are able to make educated behaviour choices, as we all are able to, in every day society. These life skills are paramount in preparing children for the future. Positive school-wide resources include;
Rules Posters (expectations), Peg Charts, Think/Reflection Sheets and Positive Rewards Programs (consequences).
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BWTHD has a range of resources that use consistent language and can be implemented throughout your school as whole school behaviour management tools. Consistency is key. Why not become a Better Ways School today?

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