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Percussion Now and Then 2

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The second publication in the series couples two rail themed quartets: Travels 2 which starts with an energetic express waltz before slowing down to a branch line pace and Concrete Bob Through Moorthorpe with an easy tempo 4/4 groove.  

The 3.4MB download is organised to be used on screen or printed in an A4, landscape, format with 28 pages that include all the scores and individual parts.

Each quartet can be performed as a separate entity and they have been arranged with the option of being performed one after the other although some time for timpani re-tuning is required after Travels 2.  The total duration for the two would be approximately 5 minutes and the instruments required are:

Player 1 – vibraphone and xylophone

Player 2 - timpani (3)

Player 3 – drum kit (set)

Player 4 – tubular bells (chimes) or other keyboard percussion instrument

You will get a PDF (3MB) file
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